Surf Sense Personal Edition

Surf Sense Personal Edition 3.1

It's a desktop search tool which allows you to get the information you need
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Surf Sense is the all-in-one desktop search tool which allows you to get the information you need, fast.
Search the internet, databases and local files for a search term without leaving your application, all with a single key-stroke.
Save your results to the clipboard and import them into a spreadsheet using Copy and Paste for later use.
Surf Sense has so many different uses. Here are some of them:
- Surf Sense looks up your search term on the internet, using your selected search engine. Many popular search engines are available to choose from, and you can even add your own.
- If you need to get customer information from a database before completing an order, Surf Sense can help. There's no need to switch between applications - just highlight the customer's name and hit the hotkey. Less typing, less effort.
- Journalists and researchers will find Surf Sense useful whenever they need to look up and cross-reference information. Adding a custom search engine will also speed up information retrieval in specialized industries.
- Doctors and pharmacists can use Surf Sense to quickly retrieve information on medication from specialized websites. Whether you're a scientist, engineer, land surveyor or geophysicist, use Surf Sense to assist your research.
- Students and academics will find Surf Sense a boon for writing essays, dissertations and assignments. Lookup up unknown terms or find specific information without leaving your word processor.

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